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Pradnyanand Milind Pohare
Pradnyanand Milind Pohare

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The Problem With My Website


So in 2018, I was working on this project where I needed to integrate Paytm’s payment gateway to an app. I never used Paytm's gateway before in any of my applications. So I was researching on it a lot. After one day of research I started to work on it. In half day the integration was done, but there was an issue.

The payment was only working via paytm's wallet and not by any debit or credit card. Me and my colleague Aditya worked on it for another half day, but we did not find any solution for that. So finally we tweeted Paytm on this issue and started to wait for the response.

On the weekend me and my friend went outside for the dinner and I was trying to pay the bill by Paytm wallet but the transaction was not happening. Then a message came from the Paytm that I have to first complete Paytm KYC. And then I thought may be this the issue with my application.

So on next day me and Aditya completed our KYC. Came back to office and tried to do any random transaction on my app but still it was not showing any card option to do payments. I was very frustrated with that, we went outside where temperature was like killing our body and till my payment was not happening. We gave a break and waited for the Paytm official to contact us.

After two days Paytm’s response came and what the solution was very easy and laughable. They told that the integration you are trying is in “Test" mode, to do transaction with your debit card you have to change your paytm mode to “Transaction” mode.

I was laughing like anything because in other payment gateway like in “Instamojo” or “PayUMoney” you can use dummy debit card details to do payment and I thought it will be same with paytm too. I was wrong. HAHAHA   

Always read the documentation carefully.

While writing down this blog also I was smiling becuase it was very silly mistake on my side. Well that's how you develope a mobile application I guess, by try and error. Cheers.

If you want to read more Do visit my website. Cheers.

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