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Pradnyanand Milind Pohare
Pradnyanand Milind Pohare

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The Right Decision

It was the last week of August, I was At T.I.M.E Institute preparing for CAT 2018. It was the main reason for me to come to Pune. One day I was going through my Internshala Profile and I started to apply for internship. Arcanheim Softworks was one of the companies I applied to, and even got a call from them the very next day. I remember vividly, I was in my bed, watching Casey Neistat's videos on Youtube when I saw my mail notification from Internshala, I have an interview next day in the afternoon at Arcahnheim Softworks. Literally a lot of thoughts were going through my mind. What should I do?, Should I go for the interview or not?, what If I got selected?. Surely I would have to quit TIME, that too after paying the entire, Non-refundable fees. I still remember, I switched off my laptop and took a nap(Its something I do when I find myself in a position like this :p). The next morning I woke up and thought to myself why not just go for the interview?, It will be a good experience. I put on my formals and went for the Interview, thanks to Ola’s share cab, it took me two hours to reach just nine km, I thought I’m screwed.

I was in the Building but Couldn’t find the office. The HR who contacted me for the interview, her number was also out of reach, so I went on google, got the C.E.O’s number and asked for the direction and came on the third floor of RK1 building in Rasta Peth, Pune. I was outside of the office, Obviously a little nervous knocked on the door and Aastha (HR) opened the door and asked me to sit on the sofa. I was wearing formals, which I don’t like to wear, I was without a belt and the shirt which was white at some point of time, which was now pale yellow. They called me inside, I went directly to The Interview room, sat on the chair and waited for the interviewer to come. Till then I took out my phone, launched my Tree Identifier application, and took a photo of the plant which was behind me. It had a complicated name. Sumeet and Aditya were the two guys who took my Interview. They started with the question “What Type of application I have made so far?“, and personally I liked the starting question. Because in most of the interviews The Interviewer starts with a question like "Tell me about yourself?".

I’m not against the question, but I prefer the person interviewing me to have more interest in my work more than me as a person, especially at the start of an interview. I might be wrong, I might be right. It's my personal opinion. Then my interview went ahead, I showed them all my IOS applications and talked about my Interest. I was aware that its a gaming company and was wondering what project would I be working on as an intern. I was happy to know that I will be working in the Android Development area. In between questions they both were looking in screen and I was looking outside, checking out what other people are working on and whether they were wearing formals in office, HAHAHA I was more curious about that. My Interview got over, they asked me “Do you have any questions?” and my question was “Do you have any dress code to follow in office”. The answer was “NO”, And we all smiled on that.
My interview was over, I took the lift, went down, booked a cab, Again the Ola share cab, and while listening to some old Hindi songs, I was thinking about how the interview went. I was hoping to get this internship so that I will start working rather than going to a coaching class.

I never thought of doing an internship after college, but I was more curious to start work. They sent me a mail and it was about result of the interview which would be out tomorrow. Guess what next day I got a call from Mayuraj(C.E.O), and he told me that I’m selected as an Android Developer. I still remember he asked me on phone “Are you happy?” and I was like “Hell Yeah, I’m Happy”. The First Week Of September I joined the company and as I expected, On the very first day I was working on my first project in Android. This was my interview experience, which I wanted to share with you all, to give you all a message that anything is possible in life, Life is full of surprises. This was my chance to do what I wanted to do from my college time and I took it. I left the coaching and started going to work each day and I'm very thankful for my parents for that because they always trusts my decision.

If you guys have any questions, you can ask me in the comment section or on my Linkedin. Doing what you love will make life better and work will not feel like work.

If you want to read more Do visit my website. Cheers.

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