What's your most commonly used serverless function ?

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What interesting things do you do using serverless functions?


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Jeremy Likness ⚡️

My entire link shortening infrastructure is serverless. The endpoints look like this:

  • An HTTP trigger serves a web page that lets me paste in links and target mediums (like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • An HTTP trigger ingests a JSON payload and uses table storage to map the full URL to a short code
  • An HTTP trigger accepts a short code and redirects to the full URL, while placing metadata about the click on a queue
  • A queue trigger processes the metadata and inserts into Cosmos DB so I can stand up a Power BI analytics dashboard
  • A timer trigger fires a logic app that finds referrals from Twitter and matches them to the original tweet so I can analyze twitter activity

I wrote a series about it here: Serverless Link Shortener

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Andreas Jakof

At work we use mostly timer triggered Azure Functions to manage mobile phones in Intune or AAD.