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Proxies for Alternative Data

To make smart financial moves, you need to draw insights from all sources available, including alternative data. While the web is full of valuable material, you need to be careful with your data harvesting process, as websites can block your access when suspicions arise. Thus, solutions like proxies are prominent as they assure public data extraction at scale and without IP blocks or restrictions.

Read this quick post to learn more about the use of proxies to gather alternative data in real-time, access geo-restricted content, and perform web scraping on a large scale.

Alternative data explained

Alternative data is fetched from non-traditional sources such as financial transactions, estate figures, geo-location data, rentals and leases, surveys, satellite data, and much more. Traditional data sources, like financial statements, sales figures, etc., are not always capable of providing an accurate and complete picture of the investing scene. This is the reason why many progressive companies turn to alternative data sources to complement their analysis and decision-making.

How do you gather alternative data?

The best way to collect alternative data is by web scraping with the help of automated tools and proxy servers. Some other options are raw data acquisition and third-party licensing.

How is alternative data used?

Hedge fund managers and investors use alternative data to evaluate market tendencies and identify investment opportunities. Also, various businesses can use it to research consumer behavior, and governments may use it for policy making.

How alternative data is changing the financial market

Gather undiscovered data assets and transform them into profit-generating business decisions by monitoring publicly available alternative data.

Real-estate market data

Foresee market changes based on real-time data anywhere in the world.

  • Real estate offerings
  • Rental and home prices
  • Reviews of local businesses
  • Building permits
  • Energy independence

E-commerce data

Monitor pricing trends, reviews, and changes of the most popular items.

  • Up-to-date product information
  • Purchasing behavior data
  • Search engine trends
  • Customer reviews
  • Social engagement

Company data

Get a better understanding of company strategy and organizational growth.

  • Employee turnover data
  • Job postings
  • Information from company registers
  • Employee satisfaction score
  • Mergers and acquisitions rumors

Web scraping solutions for alternative data

If scraping sessions feel more like torture to you, you’re in the right place. With the help of our web scraping solutions, you will extract helpful business insight from any publicly available target anywhere in the world. Save your precious time and money while building strong authority in financial matters.

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Real-time data gathering

If you want to unveil market trends as soon as they pop up, you should get only fresh data. Oxylabs AI-powered solutions are tailored to extract real-time public data in ready-to-use formats. With them, you don’t need to waste time sorting through the collected data sets. Read more on the application of AI and ML in large-scale data-gathering operations here.

Possible risks

Whether your company collects publicly available data or provides in-depth financial analysis, you cannot risk basing insights on outdated or messy information. The entire economic well-being of a business may depend on the relevance and consistency of a data flow.

How can we help?

Oxylabs solutions allow the collection of real-time information from complex targets. Our Next-Gen Residential Proxies include an ML-based Adaptive Parser that returns parsed information in JSON format and helps companies focus on analysis the very second the data is extracted.

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Gather data without any geo-restrictions

Alternative data sources are scattered all over the globe. To access them, you need to fight geo-restrictions. With our premium proxies, it should no longer be an issue. Get precise data on a city level, and rest assured you’re not missing out on new financial opportunities.

Possible risks

You can extract information on retail trends, e-commerce intelligence, and real-estate market analysis from web data sets. As most websites provide data based on users‘ IP addresses, acquiring such specialized information from a certain location might be challenging.

How can we help?

Oxylabs' global proxy network covers 195 locations worldwide and consists of 100M+ IPs. With our high-quality proxies, you can access and monitor public web data no matter your geo-location. From now on, no geo-blocks can come between you and the right financial decisions.

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Web scraping at scale

To provide the most accurate analysis, you need to access and gather enormous amounts of alternative market data. It can be possible only with the help of advanced tools in order to scrape hundreds of targets and boost your financial intelligence.

Possible risks

You need to go through countless sources to collect tons of web data. Each of them has anti-scraping mechanisms in place, which complicates the process. If you want to always be on top of the market, you need to set up your data collection routine.

How can we help?

With our AI-based enterprise-grade solution, you can scrape publicly available data on a large scale. Our proxies ensure that you can easily reach multiple targets and maximize the potential of big data. No blocks, no CAPTCHAs - only loads of insightful information.

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Next-Gen Residential Proxies for alternative data

Next-Gen Residential Proxies are an AI & ML-powered enterprise-grade API solution that increases your success rates effortlessly regardless of the target's complexity.

  • Gather accurate data with a high success rate
  • Shorten the path between data collection and analysis
  • Monitor information sources around the globe

Find out more by clicking here.

Added benefits of Next-Gen Residential Proxies

  • ML-based Adaptive Parser

Get parsed alternative information from any complex public target.

  • AI-powered dynamic fingerprinting

With human-like browsing, forget about CAPTCHAs and IP bans.

  • Auto-retry system

The smart system will push every request you make to its limits until successful.

  • Global coverage

Access multiple geo-locations (100+ countries) with Oxylabs’ 100M+ IP proxy pool.

  • JavaScript rendering

This AI-based solution will render JavaScript before passing the result back.

  • Hassle-free integration

You can easily integrate these proxies and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Summing up

While there are other solutions to streamline alternative data gathering, Next-Gen Residential Proxies do the job remarkably well. With the power of AI and ML, these proxies guarantee high success rates regardless of the target’s co

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