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Proxies for Ad Verification

Ad fraud is a key problem for ad verification companies as it is the main cause of harm to their clients’ marketing strategies. The most common ad fraud methods are click fraud, falsely accumulating impressions, and conversions of the original advertiser.

In this post, you’ll learn how using proxies enables trapping ad fraudsters while maintaining anonymity and verifying the required ads on the suspected sites without worrying about blocks.

Uplift your ad verification operations

Covering the vast majority of ad verification needs with a residential proxy network enables ad bots to test ads uninterrupted. You will ensure the proper display of ads in the right context for the right audience at the right time. You can also extend your sessions and initiate multiple verification tasks in parallel while resembling organic traffic and avoiding being flagged, blacklisted, or banned.

Zero IP blocking while verifying ads

With proxies, you can successfully resist ad fraudsters, avoiding the IP address blocks. Mount the resistance by constantly rotating IP addresses to continually conceal your digital fingerprint. A smooth ad verification process empowers companies to provide an opportunity for their clients to focus on business development and its success rather than on trivial hurdles along the way.

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Possible risks

If IP addresses are permanently blocked, ad verification companies can not pursue ad monitoring. In this case, their work is disrupted.

How can we help?

Oxylabs provides unlimited concurrent sessions. Scale your verification tasks and imitate organic user behavior to decrease the chances of being caught and blocked.

Access geo-restricted ads

Don’t be limited by a geographical location. Reach out beyond your city/country/continent boundaries. Ad verification without any physical or digital borders enables global targeting strategies. Access any location worldwide to maximize reach and visitor engagement.

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Possible risks

If ad monitoring companies cannot access the content globally, the scope of their work will be significantly reduced.

How can we help?

Oxylabs has a continually growing Residential IP pool, with locations all around the world and city-level targeting.

A vast residential IPs pool

Facilitate the assurance of anonymity by preventing fraudsters from tracking down various verification methods used by ad verification companies. Confidently counter potential attempts to block IP addresses and other means of retaliation against verification. Employ a vast proxy pool to overtake ad fraudsters while safeguarding personal or corporate identity. A unique IP address is mandatory when running ad verification scripts to avoid detection by fraudsters, prevent blocks, and ensure subsequent returns to the site.

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Possible risks

When ad fraudsters block IP addresses, it complicates ad verification companies’ work. It is important to keep a smooth ad monitoring process.

How can we help?

Oxylabs provide unique Residential Proxies that perfectly imitate organic user behavior. It is almost impossible for ad fraudsters to track down ad monitoring processes.

Choose Residential Proxies for ad verification

Residential Proxies are a perfect ad verification solution because they provide unique, organic, and diversely geo-located IP addresses. Using Residential Proxies helps ad verification companies access geo-restricted content and facilitate their work because it is hard for ad fraudsters to detect traffic verifying the ad.  

  • Perfect fit for ad verification for any location
  • Monitor ads without being blocked
  • Fight ad fraudsters effectively and anonymously

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Added benefits of Residential Proxies

  • Large Residential IP pool

100M+ Residential IPs worldwide

  • Global coverage

195 countries, with city-level targeting

  • Zero IP blocking

Focus on insights rather than IP blocks

  • High anonymity

No disruption in the fight against ad fraudsters

  • 24/7 live support

Responding to urgent needs any time

  • Session control

Flexible and adjustable session control feature

Summing up

Residential Proxies are a perfect fit for ad verification. They help perform business-critical tasks under complete anonymity and without IP blocks.

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