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Hamza Hesham
Hamza Hesham

Posted on | 02 Not that usual log bot the first part!

Hello, Today we're going to create a discord bot that logs the messages in any server in a text file.
Before going any further please read the first part.

The code

The code is very simple as usual.
As usual let's start by importing module and defining the client(bot).

#No need to explain this piece of code just read the first part.
import discord
from discord.ext import commands

client = commands.Bot(command_prefix="!")

async def on_ready():

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Then, We are going to use the on_message event.
This event listens to the messages sent in all the servers that the bot is in then executes some code.

async def on_message(message):
    if message == "":
        id = str(
        #Sorts the message time of creation
        # %d : day of the month (01 to 31)
        # %m : month
        # %Y : year including the century
        # %H : Hour (00 to 23)
        # %M : minute
        # %S : second 

        time = str(message.created_at.strftime("%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S"))
        mss = str(message.content)
        #Opening the file in appending mode.
        data = open("data.txt","a")
        #writing the message into the file 
        data.write(f"({time}) {id} : {mss}\n")
#Don't forget to run the bot"Your Token")
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You can find the full code in here

Testing the code

Image description

Image description
Thanks for reading, See you in the next part.

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