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Backend Development Plan

If you are curious or new to programming maybe you'd like to give Nodejs a try.

I am planning on starting a new series on backend development with Nodejs, javascript and typescript. And these are the concepts I would cover. Not that detailed at the moment.

  • Introduction to Backend
    • what is the backend
    • what is an API
    • what is rest API
    • what is JSON
    • request and response
  • Nodejs
  • JavaScript
    • what is Javascript
    • how to set up
    • resources
    • programming in Javascript
  • Node Packages and Yarn/npm
  • Typescript
  • Express
  • Joi
  • JSON Web Tokens
  • Database and SQL
  • Deploy application on render

We would discuss generally backend (APIs) and then set up Nodejs and vscode. We will discuss validation then use Joi and then create a middleware for validation. We will create a simple project, usually a todo app project but we will include a user, who will implement authentication using JSON web tokens before we will use basic authentications. We will add a database. We will use SQLite if we can not use mysql or Postgresql. We will use MongoDB (mongoose). Finally, we will deploy this simple application and deploy it on render.

PS: Let's see how far I can do this.

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