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Overview of My Submission

This is the final project I built, ARMS-redis-ts. I used a typescript because of the errors I was getting and I learnt a lot. The idea was to use redis for caching. I did that in ARMS - integrate-redis-for-caching. The performance was really good and I decided to rewrite it using redis as the primary database. I used the redis-om nodejs package to provide the object mapping for Redis. The structure was similar to the previous database scehmas, ARMS.

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

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ARMS is a management system for renting apartments. There are the tenants and land-lord, who is the admin. The admin registers apartments on ARMS, a tenant who is interested in renting from this land-lord registers for an apartment. Each apartment has its own detail, describing the basic interior of the room - provided by the admin, the cost for a term - a term is three month. This is just an API and there is a postman collection that can be used to CRUD the entities involved.

How it works

How the data is stored:

Data is store usig JSON. String are data stored as a string, numeric data as numeric and Date (javascript Date) as date. CASH are stored using the entity name and the id or pagination details such as ENTITY:id or ENTITY:offset:limit.

How the data is accessed:

Data access is abstracted redis-om.


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