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Forget about SEO: Focus on What Really Matters

and stop caring about the money part ( as long as it's not your job obviously ), here is why.

It adds resistance

When you are starting with blogging, you most likely want to get views on your blog ( wow ). So you go on google, and YouTube searching how to get lots of views on my blog.

You then get lost in other blogs, where they say you need to do these 27 easy steps to get your first 1000 views or you need to buy our template for optimal blog structure and organization.

Then there is SEO, where you try to compete with all these other blogs of the same topic to be the first link on google, and don't even get started on google analytics.

I am not hating on SEO, I use SEO all the time to get more views on my blog, my self, but rather it can be a barrier for lots of people to just get to writing their blog. Sometimes we don't want to make blogs on, the top 10 websites to learn JS on, but rather do some blogs on our small projects and other things that the algorithm doesn't necessarily like the most.

In all, it's sort of pointless if you are pushing off writing to focus so much on SEO.

You have to plan

Its the most dreaded part of blogging, planning:

You have to plan the date, the series, the thumbnail, the tags, the audience you want to hit, the things you want to write, etc.

It's something I know I will never master and something I did for a while on hashnode and, would not recommend it.

No one should be planning this hard, it just adds more stress and makes it feel like a burden. This can stop people from uploading blogs, and actually improving their skills in online writing.

A rule of thumb I like to say is, that everyone should, first of all, make a higher quantity of blogs that take a shorter time than make higher quality blogs that take months.

This is supposed to be a journey. Yes, you see all of these high-quality blogs, and they are getting it out on consistent bases, but these people are teams and professionals who have been doing it much longer than you. Don't get discouraged you will learn as you continue.

The whole point of blogging is to write and bring your ideas and knowledge more assessable to people. It's meant to inspire and create. For some like me, it's an outlet to share ideas and projects. Don't get consumed by SEO.

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