windows 10 + xubuntu 18 + windows 10

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is running windows 10 natively and virtualbox hypervisor then an xubuntu 18 vm and a windows 10 vm making me more or less productive as a web developer ?

the use virtualisation of any kind (kvm,vmware,hyperv,docker,etc,etc) always takes my breath away

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I started using Linux through Xubuntu, it really is a great system to use on virtual machines as it is light and familiar to those coming from Windows.

in my opinion it would be interesting if over time you evolved into a dual boot machine, unix-like systems are great for full stack web developers.


It depends on which system you feel more comfortable working with.

If you prefer Windows 10, but need some Linux functionality, install WSL. You'll have a Linux terminal inside Windows 10 without the hassle of instaling and running VMs. In reality, is a VM, but works as a simple terminal. Pretty cool.

There is also Vagrant but belongs to the VM realm.

The operative system will not make you more productive, nor following any trends. Use what you are good at and you feel comfortable with.

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