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the cloud turns everything upside down !

osde8info profile image Clive Da ・1 min read

NOTE TO MGR : I promise this is my last post of the day and I will start to do some REAL work - and actually I do have a oracle london meetup to go to tonight !

BUT the idea of running my "Theia Personal" instance as my primary UI and then launching SSH inside that just goes 'against' 20 years of running BASH / SSH / terminal as my primary UI and launching eclipse/mousepad/vscode from that !

local browser running remote theia running ssh running top


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Theia looks more like VSCode. What is different in Theia. At the outset I can see that it is cloud and desktop based.


yes its VERY similar ! and yes the main difference is that theai has no ui interface built in so you can only edit files via your browser !