will desktop side rendering (DSR) be the next big thing for static websites ?

osde8info profile image Clive Da ・1 min read

thanks to @gaelthomas who wrote fastio static sites ive just discovered free static hosting from fast.io from gdrive or github repos

so that led me to thinking why dont i render a site locally on my desktop with node express pug react (babel & webkit) all running locally (in dev mode) and push index.html & bundle.js etc into a github repo for auto deployment on fast.io ie desktop side rendering (DSR) ?

i will start working on my DSR POC today and will post a link below if successful

link to POC added 16 jan 20 3:33



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Wow so that's the next step in the quest for maximum performance, not just "no rendering on the server needed" (as in static websites), but even "no internet connection needed" ... isn't this what PWA's are already capable of (caching stuff locally as much as possible) ?


research started :)

so far ive found 3 projects on github that might help

keep watching this space


Isn’t this what a static site generator does?


maybe ! can you post some examples you recommend ?


The most famous one for react is Gatsby but next can also export static pages

great thanks so i just need to point fast.io to the gatsby output dir ?

I guess that should work i don’t have much experience with gatsby but there are a lot of great posts on gatsby here on dev maybe some can point you in the right direction if you run into problems