is JS killing the web ?

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why does simulateously opening 20 browser (chromium or firefox) tabs (that's not a lot is it ?) use 100% CPU and take over 1 minute ?

on a CORE i7 with 8G RAM !

if it isnt JS killing my PC ! what is ?

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Add more RAM! 16GB is new minimum on Windows. Run Task Manager, or top to figure out what processes are using RAM/CPU/Disk. Speaking of Disk do you have SSD has your primary disk?

i7 is good. I have one from 5 years ago and it works fine. I have 24GB RAM and I only use SSD for OS and applications.

Also a gaming video card can help easing CPU load. I have an ancient Nvidia 460 GTX.

I use Adblocker by gorhill uBlock Origin.


what OS? What is list of processes via top or similar?

host is windows 10 guest is xubuntu 18

Oh? You're running a VM? which one? Is the problem inside the guest? How much of the host ram/cpu did you allocate to the guest vm? How does load speed of guest compare to load speed of host? In chrome you can run developer tools and look at Network tab for speed and size of every file. Firefox has similar tools under "Web Developer". I would test both chrome and Firefox on both systems guest and host to see if there is a large difference in loading times.

sorry i think i didnt make my point clear my point is throwing cpu and memory at a problem ISNT the answer

if a pentium 3 with 2G ram can show 20 tabs why cant a Core i7 with 8G something is seriously wrong with the modern web technically its about 1000 X more powerful

Wow you have proof a P3 with 2GB can show 20 tabs? Can you create a video screen share?

What do you think is wrong with the modern web? JavaScript runs on the client machine. Websites back in Pentium 3 era, ran HTML and Perl server-side. Are you saying you want to go back to that?

YES id go back to anything that can show 20 tabs without FREEZING my PC

Try the NoScript plugins for any browser. It will block all JavaScript.


yes, modern JavaScript is a white elephant, but why 20 tabs open and why Chrome?

have you already experienced Max Tabs or similar extensions?

RMS have a similar view point exposed at The JavaScript Trap


its any browser and any 20 tabs surely a Core i7 @ 2GHz with 8G ram should be able to do that in a fraction of a second ! why cant it ?

is max tabs quicker than ff or chromium tabs ?


each browser works differently with the RAM memory and with JavaScript each page needs to be rendered asynchronously in real time.

I believe Firefox has more efficient processing in rendering the pages while Chrome/Chromium has better processing of videos.

there is some evidence that Google deliberately slowed YouTube on rival browsers, but that's another story.

the Max Tabs only limits the number of tabs open, which makes tab processing faster.

with the appearance of virtual DOM and the Web Components the processing ends up slowing down the number of asynchronous requests and the difficulty of optimizing browsers for all thousands of new libraries that use these technologies.

even with a top-of-the-line processor there is always a limit on the number of tabs that you will be able to open without generating a delay in rendering, there is no silver bullet.

for this reason I believe that the easiest way to avoid this is to find out the maximum number of tabs that your machine can process with high speed and use that number in an extension that limits the number of tabs open.

nice idea but id like the reverse of this can someone tell me the spec reqd to open 20 tabs ? my experience that maybe only an i9 with 64G might be able to handle it


Try using Brave browser. By default it blocks most ads. This makes a huge difference perf-wise.

I've also found that GMail has been flaky recently. Seems like the more material design style elements and animations they add, the worse it gets.


its gmail try opening just 4 gmail accounts with lots of labels in each and it will kill your pc

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