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CV Writing Tips

The first impression is important for getting Your first work or finding a new one. A well-written CV can help with this. In this article, I will give some tips on how to write a CV. For example, I will take a front-end developer position.

Visual Impression

It is important to choose the right template for Your CV. For this, I personally use canva. Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. Also, it can be used to create a CV. You can choose from different existing templates or create a CV from scratch. It is absolutely free. Also, CV can be exported in pdf format. In this case, You will have a unique outstanding CV.

Write Only Important Information

I saw some CVs, that had multiple pages. This is a bad idea because the person who will read it will not spend more than 3 minutes. For this reason, Your CV should have 1 single page. From my experience, I can say, that recruiters do not pay attention to such things as language, or relocation possibilities. They even do not check links. I remember, when I had a call, the recruiter was thinking that I am from England, or another country, where the main language is English. This would not happen if my LinkedIn account would be checked. Be prepared to repeat information from Your CV to the recruiter during the interview.

For Your Technical Skills Do Not Use Dots, Percentages, Diagrams, etc.

For example, CSS skill 100%. Does it mean a person knows all possible ways to style a website? Let Your projects, education, or experience show Your skills. It will look professional.


The intro should contain Your name and present You as a candidate. For example, I am applying for a front-end position - "Hi, my name is Oscar I am a front-end developer who is looking for knowledge and new networks." In this case, the recruiter will recognize You as a front-end developer and communicative person, who is prepared to learn.


Information, about what school You finished is not important at all. For the education section, it is important, what university, BootCamp, or college was finished. If there is nothing, that would fit a front-end developer, spend more attention on projects. Explain, what problems they solve, what technologies were used, and why.


The situation is the same as with the Education section. Write only experience, what fits Your work what You are applying for. Important to add technologies that were used in previous works. Because the recruiter is not a technical person. It means he or she does not know, what is CSS, PHP, JS, etc. The interviewer will have a list of technologies, that are required to invite candidates to interview. This is why it is important to add technologies used in projects.


I would recommend You leave a link to Your LinkedIn profile and email address.


Your CV should be minimalist all information should fit on one page. To write a CV unique use canva.

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