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Lawson Wind Comfort Criteria

Decoding the Lawson Pedestrian Wind Criteria
Developed by T.V. Lawson at Bristol University, UK, the Lawson Pedestrian Wind Criteria is a globally accepted standard for evaluating wind impacts on pedestrian safety and comfort. These criteria, rooted in extensive research, serve as the benchmark against which the wind microclimate around buildings is assessed.

The fundamental principle driving this assessment is the acknowledgment that wind conditions should align with the intended activities in a given area. This knowledge creates opportunities for urban designers to work with the environment to create spaces that can be enjoyed for longer periods of time.

Categorizing Wind Comfort

The Lawson Criteria seeks to classify different areas based on the activities pedestrians engage in and their expected tolerance to predicted wind conditions. It recognizes that pedestrians, depending on their activities, will feel comfortable being exposed to different wind strengths.

For instance, a runner might tolerate or even enjoy a moderate breeze to keep cool, while diners savoring a meal on a patio could find those same winds disruptive to their dining experience if their napkins must be held down but their glassware to remain on the table.

Why Use Lawson Wind Comfort Criteria?

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