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📍 OPT-NC agencies on Kaggle

❔ About

OPT-NC has many agencies in New-Caledonia, but getting csv files was not as easy as that, and if you wanted to use data to build datascience, you had to achieve manual tasks.

👉 The purpose of this post is to show how we recently upgraded the Developer experience... and the opportunities it does open.

🎯 What you'll learn

You'll learn:

  • 🛍️ The various datasources we used to build a consistent & up-to-date dataset
  • 🎁 Available dataformats (csv, duckdb)
  • 🎀 How to use the dataset with a dedicated Notebook

🍿 Demo

📑 Related resources

  1. ⚙️ Notebook builder (where the data is prepared and aggregated)
  2. 🏤 Agences 📍 Dataset
  3. 👨‍🎓 Agences OPT-NC for dummies

🤯 Opened perspectives

Delivering data on Kagglle make it possible to play with them with free GPU and...

Amazing Open Source AI models like Mixtral (see Kaggle model card)...

and more recently google/gemma (see Kaggle model card):

... or many other open source LLM models, see :

or simply use OpenAI from your notebook and the AI do the job for you so yo can focus on your storytelling:

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