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🚀 Mobile App deployment automation 📱

🎩 Intro

As a I was working in my company, something struck me. All of our app where shipping in a CI/CD pipeline except one thing... mobile app 😱

What you'll learn on this post is a common and easy way to automate mobile app deployment.

❓ The 'Why'

When one of my colleagues showed me the process to deliver a mobile app (On 🤖 Play Store and 🍎 Apple Store), I was shocked by the number of step to do for deployment of a new version.
I though we were back to the 80s when we had to connect to servers to deploy an application 😵

So i was thinking to myself, as somebody ever thought of automated these ?
As i was searching for a way to do it, I found this tool named... Fastlane 🤩

🔨 Fastlane

I discovered this on a blog post on medium when searching for a solution.
I learned that it was a toolbox for all thing related to mobile app (Screenshot, certificate, etc...) and the deployment was the feature that i was most interested in.
It took me two days to know how it work, implement it and... WOILA !!!

I was able to automate the deployment of new features on our mobile app without manual repetitive task.
It was like magic 🧙

📹 Demo (< 13')

As a like to say : Talk is cheap, show me the code. And I will do more than that... A demonstration in a video which demonstrate the tool in action 💪 !!!

💸 Gains

  • A lot of repetitive tasks performed by my colleagues were eliminated ♻️
  • Time saved could be invested in creating & delivering new features at a regular pace ✨
  • Drastic Time to market enhancement 📉

📑 Resources

GitHub logo lschaeffer313 / domaine-nc-mobile

Appli mobile pour la consultation des domaines en Nouvelle-Calédonie

📱 A propos

semantic-release Deploy to prod

Flutter Google Play


domaine-nc-mobile est une application mobile développée en mode Open Innovation et qui via la consommation d'API, permet de :

  • 🔎 Chercher des noms de domaines en .nc
  • ✔️ Visualiser les détails d'un nom de domaine particulier
  • 🔔 Enregistrer aisément la date d'expiration d'un nom de domaine comme reminder dans le calendrier de votre choix

🎦 Pourquoi cette appli' (en moins de 15')

Pour comprendre d'où vient cette application, une video dédiée est disponible.

🔖 Liens utiles

👶 Les noms de domaine en Nouvelle-Calédonie ?

"Quand on ne connaît pas bien comment internet fonctionne, le système des noms de domaine peut paraître un peu obscur."

"Les définitions que l’on trouve…

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