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🎫 Let tag crowd do your GitHub {repo}rting ☁️

❔ About

Have you ever been challenged to explain/report within a few seconds what has been done on a project ?... and most important where did you actually put your efforts.

Based on the fact that your highly us issues to manage any task on your project and has achieved some automation around them, then it's a treasure that only asks to be shown.

☁️ Let the clouds help

As part of our activities reporting we could produce some very useful content that help understand a project activity within less than a second... and even perform some classification.

📊 Output samples

🧑‍💼 Division activity

Assuming you want to have a look at the issues accross all your repos, here is what we got:

Image description

🧰 Maintenance milestone (Angular App)

We also wanted to focus on a specific project. You can immediately see that activity was focused on Angular upgrade:

Image description

🛤️ Quarkus app (standard maintenance phasis)

Sometimes you have running projects with few or no enhancements, this is what you can immediately see:

Image description

💦 Better understand stack and efforts

On this one, we got a glance on what has been achieved and about the stack we used:

Image description

💰 Conclusion

These charts at first looked futile but as soon as we saw them, we found them profoundly useful as they make it possible to

explain within a single image what kind of activity has been achieved, under which proportion and with which stack.

Finally it really worth a thousand mails with explanations... and it's fully driven by real code activity.

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