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SEO Secret Sauce | Hacking to the top of Google

Disclaimer - this was originally written for LinkedIn so I kept things short. I am more than happy to expand on any of the points which I have made and if this is popular I will go further in depth with some of the tricks I have learned in 13+ years experience in the SEO Sphere

For *SEO & UI * to 🔥𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗼𝘂𝘁 🔥you really need some secret sauce (wow that's a cheesy) - I'm going to go into a bit of detail with mine. Guess it won't be so secret anymore but it might help you, my connections and hopefully as a result the wider web. If you have any simple hacks that you use please drop a comment at the bottom.

First, I will say that SEO is not about link building onsite or offsite. It is about organic networking and connections, and that often gets mixed up.

Networking & Mobile SEO

For a business of any size, local SEO is important. Even if you are purely online, having a maps presence will help - Alphabet/Google, for example, use their correlation between good maps presence and higher rankings to keep user experience metrics high, and as a result, often maps can be a way of hacking to the top listing for high traffic & high competition keywords.
But it goes far beyond this.

A lot less talked about is how Alphabet uses all the data that they collect when 73% of phone users set up their Android account beyond being sold. With such a massive chunk of an already huge market, Google has near-free rein to use data as they will. A lot of this goes to internal product improvement. Did you know that website bookmarks are a direct ranking factor (at least for Google News)?

Similar to liking a video, this is a democratic way of Alphabet letting users voice what they like and dislike. Particularly useful when blogging, if you only focus on having a reactive site, you are missing out on a huge number of visitors.


This is such a deep rabbit hole that, for brevity, I will just say that if you aren't using declarative HTML5 markup and have taken a user-first approach to your SEO and web design strategy, you are haemorrhaging money. If you want me to expand on anything or send references, just comment or drop me a message

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