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Use This ChatGPT HACK to Organize Your Schedule in a Minute or Less!

Schedule, schedule, tomatoes, tomatoes. 🍅

I was in the gym today when I had an idea.

What if I used ChatGPT to help me organize my agenda?

I know. Nothing brilliant about it, but the result was... surprising.

ChatGPT not only organized it for me but also created an .ics file for me to quickly add the events to my Google or iPhone calendar.

Yes, you heard read it. I didn't even had to run a python task. It coded and run all by itself, and answered me already with a download link:

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Is this magnificent or not?

I'm sharing here the prompt I used, so hopefully you'll have the same good experience as I just had. (I'm using the paid version).

Me: You're my personal assistant helping me with defining my schedule. Ask me what you need to know.

ChatGPT: [Asked me several questions]

Me: [I answered about my fixed commitments and what I need to do daily in general terms]

ChatGPT: [Suggested an agenda, which was pretty good]

Me: I need you to transform the agenda into an .ics file to download to my Google or iPhone calendar. Make it one month long from today (November 17, 2023). If you encounter an error, try a different approach. I know you can do it!

That did the trick!

"Follow me for more tips" (as if I were a YouTuber TikToker influencer 😅).

Try the GPT Schedule Helper I built on OpenAi

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Top comments (5)

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Lars-Erik Bruce

I didn't know ChatGPT could generate files, I have to try this out! :O

opensourcee profile image

It's a little stubborn sometimes. It says that it encounter an error while generating the .ics. Just ask it to try a different approach and insist!

glntn101 profile image

How little it turns out I know about chat gpt, thanks for the article.

opensourcee profile image
OpenSourcee • Edited

Me too! Until today. You're welcome. I'm happy to share it.

greg_ewin profile image
Greg Ewin

How does it handle overlapping events or conflicting schedules?