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The 10 AI tools most used by devs in 2023 (according to a survey with 40k devs)

GitHub Repo:

Our dear StackOverflow asked more than 40K developers for the AI devtools they used in 2023.

Here's the breakdown and below the link to each tool:

Top 10 AI tools for all developers

all devs

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Ok. Now, let's dive into some AI tools used by professional developers in 2023.

Top 10 AI tools for professional developers

Prof devs

Top 10 AI tools for those learning to code:


1. GitHub Copilot (used by 54.77% of all devs)

GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer

2. Tabnine (used by 12.88% of all devs)

Tabnine is an AI assistant that speeds up delivery and keeps your code safe

3. AWS CodeWhisperer (used by 5.14% of all devs)

AI Code Generator - Amazon CodeWhisperer

4. Synk Code (used by 1.33% of all devs)

Code Security Analysis and Fixes - Developer First SAST - Snyk

5. Codeium (used by 1.25% of all devs)

Free AI Code Completion & Chat

6. Whispr AI (used by 1.13% of all devs)

Your Code Review AI Assistant

7. Replit Ghostwriter (used by 0.83% of all devs)

Intro to Ghostwriter - Replit

8. Mintlify (used by 0.52% of all devs)

The modern standard for documentation

9. Adrenaline (used by 0.43% of all devs)

AI Code Debugger - AI Code Assistant Tool

10. Rubberduck (used by 0.37% of all devs)

ChatGPT for Visual Studio Code

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