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OpenSauced: Nurturing Open Source Collaboration and Growth

Today is day 29 of my 29 Days of Open Source Alternatives series, where I explored open source alternatives to proprietary software in the categories of Game Development and Multimedia, Development Tools and Platforms, Productivity and Collaboration Tools, and more. If you'd like to see the full list of the open source alternatives I covered, head over to my 29 Days of Open Source Alts Page.

It's been almost a year since I started at OpenSauced. It's incredible how much we've grown and accomplished over that year. I say this very genuinely. Our team looks at problems and finds ways to solve them. We think about the users and how we can provide them value. We understand the importance of Open Source Insights, especially since GitHub deprecated their Activity Overview of Organization Insights on January 5. We recognize the importance of recognizing contributors and recognizing maintainers. This is a bit of a meta blog post. I want to take the time to recognize my team and the great contributors we have.

OpenSauced is a platform dedicated to empowering maintainers and teams and redefining the meaning of open source contributions. We believe that every contribution, big or small, is valuable and deserves to be recognized. Our platform provides a way to track contributions through a GitHub-powered dashboard, allowing users to showcase their contributions and gain insights into their open source projects.

GitHub logo open-sauced / app

🍕 The path to your next contribution.

Open Sauced

🍕 🍕

The site provides insights to Open Source projects.

🖼️ Project Figma

The figma for this project can be found here.

🔬 Atomic Design

This project uses Atomic Design for it's Components. Here are several resources for Atomic Design if you are unfamiliar:

📙 Storybook

The Storybook for this project can be found at

Run it locally

npm run storybook
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Deploy your branch (video explaining this)

Navigate to the Storybook Action. Choose your branch in the "Run Workflow" dropdown.

storybook action tab

🖥️ Local development

To install the application:

npm ci
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To start a local copy of the app on port 3000:

npm run dev
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☁️️ Netlify Edge Functions

Note: For the best local development experience, it is recommended to have the Netlify CLI installed globally. Follow…

Key Features

Our features allow you to:

  • Empower maintainers and teams: Track and showcase your contributions and projects, connect with contributors, collaborate with your team, and gain insights into your open source projects.
  • Support contributors: Showcase your contributions, tell your story, connect with new projects and other contributors, and gain insights into your open source journey.
  • Highlight success: Showcase your contributions with our shareable Highlights, inspiring others to embark on their open source journey.
  • Unlock Insights: Understand the health of your project, track contributions, and make data-driven decisions with OpenSauced Insights.

Our Repositories

While we have quite a few repositories in our organization, these are the primary public repositories. For a small team, we maintain momentum across most of the repositories.

OpenSauced Repo Dashboard

Our Contributors

Over the last thirty days, we've seen thirty-nine contributors across the OpenSauced repositories.

dashboard metrics

We've also seen a good star-to-fork ratio and we've moving with strong velocity across our repositories.


Our Teams

Our teams have been really hard at work launching a new features for OpenSauced called workspaces and that's reflected in the contributor insights page below.


Engineering Insights page

You can find the Insight page here


As one of the docs maintainers for OpenSauced, I find it helpful to track our docs team to make sure I'm supporting them and to see the progress we're making. (You'll see some huge work shipped from this team in the next couple of weeks on the Intro Repo, when we launch our maintainer course!)

Docs Team


At OpenSauced, we champion creating an open source environment that supports and recognizes contributors, maintainers, and teams. As we wrap up this series, it's clear that there's a variety of open source software that offer many opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth.

What are your thoughts on OpenSauced? Have you used it to contribute to open source projects, or are you planning to? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below.

If you're interested in exploring more open source projects or learning about how you can contribute to the open source community, consider signing up for the OpenSauced newsletter for updates, tips, and community highlights.

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