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Open Source ABCs: Network

Welcome to our #100DaysOfOSS series. Until October 31, we'll be doing Open Source Software (OSS) terms from A to Z. We'll be diving into a different letter of the English alphabet, uncovering OSS concepts, and sharing our thoughts on them.

Today, we're covering the letter "N" for Network.

Network: Open source is a connected community of developers, users, and contributors who share ideas, exchange knowledge, mentor each other, and collaborate on improving the software.

Now, we want to hear from you! What other OSS terms can you think of that start with the letter "N"?

Remember to use the hashtag #100DaysOfOSS if you share on social media, and don't forget to tag us @saucedopen so we can follow along.

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Chinwenma Okorie • Edited

Great 😃 I thought as much 🤗. The good thing is,you don't necessarily have to create personal relationships with other developers before joining an open source community. It facilities collaboration with people from different backgrounds, or location without any physical meetings . Communication can be done through chat room, Pull request, Issue tracker etc

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Salah Eddine Lalami

Hi @bekahhw ,
may we can add our open source project to OpenSauced platform ?

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Absolutely! If you're signed up, you can add it by creating an insights page for it. If you need help, let me know. I'm happy to help.

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Salah Eddine Lalami

I just create new page :

how i use open sauced to invite developers to contribute .
and there is something missed like stack (React.js / Node.js)

Thread Thread
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BekahHW • Edited

There are a couple of different approaches you can take:

  1. Use the collaborations feature
  2. Use the share button
  3. Create highlights for the issues you've written and would like to see contributors take on and then share that information.