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A Complete Guide to Getting Started in Open Source

Last week, I was tagged in this tweet.

Tweet about how to get started in open source

I appreciated the openness and honesty, and it’s a sentiment that I’ve heard from other people. It can be overwhelming to get started in open source, especially if you’re already feeling tired. And because I answer this type of question a lot, I thought it would be useful to create a whole blog post about it.

Getting Started for Beginners

Not everyone getting started in open source is a beginner. I’ve talked to quite a few folks with a lot of experience who have never contributed to open source. I’d answer that question a different way. They likely won’t need to know how to learn how to fork, clone, commit, and create Pull Requests (PRs).

I keep a list of repositories that are good for beginners in this insight page.

It’s worth noting that within that list, our Intro to Open Source Course is a great
(and free) way to learn more about open source and get your first contribution!

Where Should I Start in Open Source?

Resources for Beginners

If you’re new to tech, and you need more support, here is a list of blog posts that will take you through the new contributor journey. If you want a shorter overview of how to get started with Open Source, check out my Open Source 101: A Beginners Guide to Getting Started.

The Right Issue for You

Git & Version Control

Pull Requests

Find Support

It can be scary doing something on your own. Having support can help you work through your challenges.

If you’re new to open source, and don’t know where to start, it’s ok. There’s space for everyone. You don’t need all of these resources, but hopefully, you’ll find some of them useful. If you have any questions or you’d like to see a resource added to the list, let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for sharing. I am also a career changer and i am changing it big time. After almost 20 years of bartending to coding. Still looking for my first job. Opensource is my first real world experience. Thanks for helping.

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So glad to hear it was helpful! If you're looking for good beginner repositories, check out

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Clayton Kehoe

Really like the section about why PR’s might not get merged - great perspective on that!

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Gál Szabolcs #Luckylukee @GlSzabolcs6

I find many useful ones, I don't even know which one is the best.****

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Great to hear!