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Azure DevOps workitems don't show frequently used users? Here's how to fix it.

onlyutkarsh profile image Utkarsh Shigihalli Originally published at on ・1 min read

Ever had an issue where you are just got access to the client Azure DevOps instance, but for some strange reason you find that workitems are unable to populate recently used users, even after you searched for them previously? In this post, we will see what causes it and how to fix it.

What causes it?

In my case, I was added to client’s Azure AD (AAD) as a guest user. By default guest users in AAD do not have Directory Readers permissions. Hence, Azure DevOps will not be able to enumerate user list in the identity column when logged in as you.

The fix

Its simple. Go to Azure Portal and then navigate to Active Directory and select the Users. Select the user and under Assigned Roles, ensure user has Directory Readers assignment. Once you assign, give it few minutes (or log off and log back in) and you should be able to search other users in Azure DevOps organisation.

That is it, thanks for reading 🎉

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