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Imposter's syndrome: hug or let go?

If you're heading into this article without having suffered imposter's syndrome... congratulations, you are already the envy of the whole world!

What is imposter's syndrome?

Imposter's syndrome is when your inner voice tells you "you're not good enough" for a job, role or position of responsibility.
For example, when you apply for a job as a developer and you have both the experience AND qualifications but you still have this feeling that there are people out there much better prepared than you.

You may ask yourself: Why do I sometimes have difficulty performing simple daily tasks? Why do I feel guilty about myself for not dominating every single framework, language, platform or technology? Because that’s imposter’s syndrome creeping in.

How do I get past imposter’s syndrome?

Firstly, you need to realise that you simply can’t do it all… That voice telling you that you're not good enough? Reply with a "hold my beer" and let it know that you're going to raise the bar, that you're going to broaden your knowledge and once you come back, you will be able to proudly draw a big smile. There may be people out there that are better than you, but that doesn't mean that you can't get any better! Sectors such as IT are constantly evolving and require constant training and updating.
Even after years working in this industry, I feel bad about myself so many times when someone asks me for help because I'm afraid I may not be able to help them, and that would "undercover" me. And you know what? It feels so great just simply trying to help. That person who asked for your help might have just needed a non-rubber duck partner, and believe it or not, you might ask questions that will widen their field of vision. Even more: you could even help them because you've already stumbled over that stone and overcome that problem together. That problem which punched you in the face and won't do it again (or will it?).

Some people, including me, tend to underestimate themselves (consciously or unconsciously) and I would like to say something to all of you: you might not know it, but you are a reference for a lot of people. Maybe not (only) because of your hard skills but also because of your soft skills or simply because of the story of what you have experienced.

Raise your head, draw that smile once again and hug your imposter's syndrome: it might be your excuse for not trusting and resting on your laurels.

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akpvt • Edited

What a great way to put the imposter's syndrome when I felt it many a times and still feel it from time to time. Great read @gonzo345 !

This line in your post "you might not know it, but you are a reference for a lot of people" is a great one. Especially with any decent experience in any one area, you could offer some value and be your best for your team/project/society.
Thank you!

gonzo345 profile image
Gonzalo Fernández

Thanks for your appreciation!! Cheers!

zakwillis profile image

There is something I have noticed quite a lot during my career and for my current client. Suspect I will write an article about it. Often, we make a choice on a specific pattern or technology because we have researched it a lot and used it previously to then find the framework/platform doesn't do as it says on the tin. This is "imposter syndrome" squared and creates a lot of extra stress, because we don't want to look foolish.

gonzo345 profile image
Gonzalo Fernández

I always say that choices about patterns and technologies are like religions: they are pointing to the same place but the goal is the same. Do always your best and reason your decisions. No matter what there will be always many new and different ways!

anuoluwapods profile image
Anuoluwapo Balogun


gonzo345 profile image
Gonzalo Fernández

Thank you for reading!

arshiasaleem98 profile image

What an article , i believe we all have lived with this imposter's syndrome in some phase of our life.
Thanks for this Article.

gonzo345 profile image
Gonzalo Fernández

Thank you Arshia! That’s my guess and that’s why we should open and accept it’s completely normal!

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app builds and runs and, on the page, lcalhost:4200 shows nothing, it is a link screen, any reasons?

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