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re: What Should I Make Next? Quick Project Ideas VIEW POST


Why do you feel like you have to work on something?


Interesting question... because I'm looking for a job and want employers to see that I'm keeping my skills sharp.


I think it's a very unfortunate side effect of this job market that this is what you feel that you have to do, assuming that you're only doing it because of external motivators and not internal ones.

There are a lot of things wrong with the job market, but I don't see how working on side projects is one of them. Writing code is what I would be doing on the job, I think it's important that employers see what I can do! I also enjoy it, it's fun to whip up a little project.

There's nothing wrong with writing code. That's not what I meant. And if you enjoy it then that's good; I was only referring to doing it solely because of the pressure to stand out.

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