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Khandaker Akif Razzak
Khandaker Akif Razzak

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Journal Entry #1: My resolve

I have decided to pursue a career in software engineering. But my non-CS degree does not allow me to become one. To keep track of my activities and proper evaluation of my studies and code development, I have decided to post most of my codes daily in the community. This platform will be my code journal. I believe my effort and resolve will lead me to become a software engineer one day. My blogs will tell me how much I have come from writing a "hello world" code to writing industrial-grade code.

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manish srivastava

Do you believe you need a degree to Persue what you like? No you don't. Go ahead. Their are approx 18% developers in top range working in different IT giants without any formal cs degree.
Where to prove yourself. Get a GitHub account... Join some open-source, make contributions and get what u want. :)

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Khandaker Akif Razzak

Thank you so much for your encouragement.