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Breaking Language Barriers: Contributing to FileBrowser's Arabic Localization

Recently, I found myself drawn to FileBrowser, a web file browser built with Golang and Vue.js, and I decided to make my first contribution. However, my approach was a bit unconventional—I didn't dive into the code immediately. Instead, I leveraged my proficiency in Arabic to enhance the project's Arabic translation file. In this blog post, I'll share my experience of breaking language barriers and contributing to FileBrowser through non-code means.

The Project: FileBrowser

FileBrowser is a versatile web file browser that seamlessly integrates Golang's backend strength with Vue.js's frontend agility. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a popular choice for those seeking an open-source file management solution. Recognizing the global nature of open-source projects, the FileBrowser team actively encourages contributions from users around the world, including efforts to improve language translations.

My Contribution: Arabic Translation Refinement

As a native Arabic speaker, I found an opportunity to contribute to FileBrowser that aligned with my linguistic strengths. I refining the Arabic translation file for the project, aiming to make the user interface more accessible and user-friendly for Arabic-speaking users.

In my initial contribution, I focused on:

  • Language Accuracy: Ensuring that the translated text accurately conveyed the intended meaning in Arabic, maintaining clarity and coherence.

  • Consistency: Aligning terminology and phrasing throughout the interface to create a consistent and seamless user experience.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Adapting expressions and text to be culturally appropriate, addressing the nuances of the Arabic language with its regional variations and dialects.

The process involved a meticulous review of the existing translation strings, making adjustments for linguistic precision and cultural context. My goal was to enhance the overall usability of FileBrowser for Arabic-speaking users.

The Impact:

While my contribution may not involve lines of code, it has an impact on the accessibility and inclusivity of FileBrowser. A well-crafted translation ensures that users, regardless of their language preference, can navigate and utilize the application effectively. In the case of Arabic-speaking users, this means a more seamless and natural experience, fostering a stronger connection with the software.

Future Plans:

My initial contribution to FileBrowser through language translation is just the beginning. I am excited about the potential for further collaboration with the project. Future plans include:

  • Ongoing Refinement: Continuously refining and updating the Arabic translation to accommodate changes in the project and user feedback.

  • Code Contributions: Actively participating in adding features to FileBrowser and contributing to the growth of the project.


Contributing to open-source projects goes beyond writing code. My experience with FileBrowser showcases that leveraging non-code skills, such as language proficiency, can have a meaningful impact on the project's accessibility and user experience.

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