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tech conf ==> absolute scam.
Super expensive (many hundreds dollars/euros/etc) little content, a lot of self congratulation, moral pretention. it is only good for companies who wants to offer small holidays to their devs, but no dev should put his own money for that.

Meetups are much better, generally free, there is content, interaction, community building.


Thanks @olivvv for the thoughts. What are your thoughts on Code Camps and Community based Conference?


I have never attended any of those, so no opinion.

Community based Conference sounds like a meetup with a lot of presenters, if that is the case, that would be my thing.
For code camps, do you have in mind a thing that takes many days and ppl are coding during long hours for free ? if so, the audience is going to be rather students than professionals. Professionals expect to be paid for their work...

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