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Learning Frameworks and APIs vs Software design principles

Oliver Mensah
Software Engineer | Developer Programs Enthusiast
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Found it very interesting and informative to be discussed.
Frameworks and APIs change fast. Software design principles are evergreen. Learn principles that translate across language barriers

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Ben Halpern

I think a big part of this question is motivation.

I'm often more motivated by the tangible wins, the stuff that comes with frameworks and APIs usually. But then the long term gains come from the underlying stuff.

I think starting with the frameworks and working back to the fundamentals is a reasonable approach.

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Donald Merand

There's a learning style component as well. I've known people who want to read the manual before they use a new thing - which I see as analogous to principles thinking. Some folks prefer to jump in - frameworks.

You can get a lot done without understanding why it works in a framework, and you can understand a lot of theory without ever writing code that does something interesting. The trick, as usual, is to find a balance.

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Jacob Samuel G.

The frameworks "normally" already implement the design patterns very well. Learning to use them is a good decision.

The design patterns are also important and every developer should know them.

Which one to learn first?
If you want to start quickly writing code, go through the frameworks and then learn the patterns.
If time is not a problem, go for the design patterns, but do not forget the frameworks!

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