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Introducing the "barePHP" Framework as My Final Computer Science Project and also a call for comment about the project

Though there are a lot of frameworks out there that runs on PHP. But I decided to use the techniques and concepts from my Software Engineering class to understand how developers build libraries, frameworks and other tools for us to use.

In that case, I came out with a small PHP framework that allows you to build web applications and resources in PHP. It follows the concept of Express.js by providing programmers with unified structural foundation where they can add up libraries when needed rather than bundling some of these tools together with the framework which are mostly not needed. These These frameworks are awesome to work with but "barePHP" is just a proof of concept to know going the "express way" for developing in PHP will be better or not. But together we can make it better through your comments, contributions.

Concepts in Software Engineering employed:
1) Architectural Pattern (Model-View-Controller(MVC))
2) Object Oriented Programming
3) SOLID Principles (Dependency Inversion)
4) Design Patterns (Registry)

It is a good start for you to know how these principles in Software Engineering are employed in building software development tools.

You can find it here at "barePHP" Framework Repository

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