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New tool for generating Ingress configurations from OpenAPI/Swagger

If you're adopting an OpenAPI/Swagger first approach for your REST APIs running under K8s this one might be for you.

We've recently released Kusk - a tool for automatically generating Ingress configurations from an OpenAPI definition, including settings for things like CORS, timeouts and rate-limiting - all thanks to an x-kusk OpenAPI extension.

Kusk currently supports the following Ingress controllers:

  • Nginx-Ingress
  • Traefik 2.X
  • Ambassador 1.X / 2.X
  • Linkerd

Kusk makes your OpenAPI definition the source-of-truth for the deployment of your API and it works nicely with both manual and automated CI/CD workflows (ArgoCD, etc).

Check out the documentation for more details on all the above!

We'd greatly appreciate any feedback - so have a look and let us know what you think!

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