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Monokle VS-Code Extension

Super excited to share the newest addition to our open-source tooling arsenal: Monokle's Visual Studio Code extension. If you're knee-deep in Kubernetes resource validations or just venturing out, this is designed to supercharge and simplify your journey without ever leaving your VS Code environment.

Why you might want to check this out:

  • Instant, Pre-commit Validation: No more tedious checks! Get real-time alerts and navigate directly to errors, even if you're not a Kubernetes guru.

  • Customisation Galore: Kickstart with our default policies or get your hands dirty and customise validations according to your unique needs. We're talking everything from Pod Security Standards, NSA/CISA Hardening Guidance, Community Best Practices, Kubernetes Schemas and deprecations, resource links, etc, to classic YAML syntax checks

  • Integrate with Monokle Cloud: If you're working in a team setting, Monokle Cloud lets you craft policies that every member can access via this extension, ensuring your pull requests align with team-established best practices and policies pre-commit.

For those curious about how Monokle Cloud and our VS Code Extension play together, we've made the integration process buttery smooth. Set up centralized policies on the cloud, and they're ready to roll in every team member's VS Code setup.

Whether you're a seasoned Kubernetes professional or a curious newcomer, we hope this extension makes your life a bit easier. Give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts.


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