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Kusk Gateway - Configuring Ingress with OpenAPI

Hello everyone!

We at Kubeshop have been investigating the feasibility of having an ingress controller that's configured using OpenAPI rather than Ingress resources.

Would this be something of interest to you?

The idea is that it will be completely self service for developers when updating the configuration that powers ingress.

Our thought process was basically OpenAPI is great for describing your API, so why not use it for also describing how these services are exposed to the world?

We developed an alpha open source product that implements this idea and are looking for people to evaluate it and give feedback. We have a handy example that takes ~10 minutes to get up and running for you to evaluate against.

We're quite proud of what we managed to make it do thus far - instead of copying and pasting the current features here, I will just link to a blog post we wrote which goes into more detail.

We also have official documentation here and you can check out the repo on Github here

We would greatly appreciate any feedback we receive and will allow us to develop it further to better suite the community.

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