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To develop custom plugins

Import necessary libraries

from coze import Plugin

Define the custom plugin class

class WelcomePlugin(Plugin):
def init(self, welcome_message):
self.welcome_message = welcome_message

def execute(self, user_id):
# Logic to send the welcome message to the user
send_welcome_message(user_id, self.welcome_message)
return {"status": "success", "message": "Welcome message sent"}
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Function to send the welcome message

def send_welcome_message(user_id, message):
# Assuming there's a function to get user details
user_details = get_user_details(user_id)
# Assuming there's a function to send a message
send_message(user_details['contact_info'], message)

Example usage

if name == "main":
# Create an instance of the plugin with a custom welcome message
welcome_plugin = WelcomePlugin("Welcome to Coze Trailblazer!")
# Execute the plugin for a specific user
result = welcome_plugin.execute(user_id="12345")

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