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Apps can be executed on a group of virtual machines (VMs) in a scalable manner with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets. When deployed, the virtual machines (VMs) inside a scale set may have identical settings and execute identical applications, or they may have distinct configurations and execute distinct applications.

Steps in creating Virtual machine scale set

  • Log into your Azure portal
  • Click on create a resource Image description
  • Search for virtual machine scale set in the market place Image description
  • Select create Image description
  • Fill in the the project details which include subscription and resource group Image description
  • Fill the scale set details Image description
  • Leave the orchestration, instance details and scaling sections as default
  • Supply the username and password in the administrator account section. Image description
  • Select networking bar Image description
  • Leave the virtual network configuration and network interface as default Image description
  • Change load balancing option to Azure load balancer Image description
  • Click create a load balancer Image description
  • Choose a name for your load balancer and click create Image description
  • Select the health bar and tick Enable application health monitoring Image description
  • Leave other bars as default and click create + review to validate Image description
  • Once validation passed, click create Image description
  • Wait for it to deploy Image description
  • Click on Go to resource after deployment is complete. Image description
  • Click instances to see your created scale sets, 2 instances were created by default Image description Image description
  • Select scaling to choose the preferred method of scaling i.e Autoscaling or Manual scaling Image description.

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