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Dany Leclerc for Okta Workflows

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Zoho ManageEngine Service Desk Plus Lifecycle Management with Okta Workflows

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Setup Instructions
This document is designed to provide the required configuration to enable Okta Workflows to provision and deprovision users to ManageEngine / ServiceDesk as Requesters and Technicians.

Step 1 – Create Okta Groups
Go to your Okta tenant’s administration console, go to Directory > Groups and create the following groups:

These groups will be used to provision users to ManageEngine.

Step 2 – Create Profile Attributes
In your Okta tenant’s administration console, go to Directory > Profile Editor and open the default Okta profile and add the following custom attributes:

These attributes will be used to store the respective Id’s once the users are provisioned to ManageEngine.

Step 3 – Generate Authorization Code
Go to the Zoho API Console ( and create a new Self Client with the Scope of SDPOnDemand.users.ALL and set the time duration to 10 minutes.

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