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A Flow to Automatically Generate Shipping Labels and Email Them to Users

Okta Workflows community flows are flows shared by community members. These flows show how to solve a particular problem. You might have the same problem you are trying to solve or a similar one. Either way, these community flows will help you learn and build automations.

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This workflow is from Jacob Waters, MacAdmins Slack Community member, and a Senior IT Engineer at Astronomer.

If anyone is interested, attached is a workflow I put together for automatically generating shipping labels and emailing them to users. Can be helpful with dealing with offboarded users, device swaps, broken devices, etc. Can easily do this to generate labels for new hire shipments as well.

Will need a ShipEngine and courier (Fedex, UPS, etc) accounts to do so.

Jacob Waters

Download the flow.

Generating shipping labels flow

Generating shipping labels flow

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