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Tips for contributing to TypeScript

  • Architecture
  • Start Contributing
  • Building
    • Use npx gulp for those who don't want to install gulp globally.
  • Use TDD with running specific test cases, it's faster.
  • Managing the Baselines
    • Compiler test cases generate baselines which are;
    • .js - generated JavaScript
    • .types - the type of each expression in the file.
    • .symbols - generated symbols
    • .errors.txt - the errors produced by the compiler
    • You can inspect changes and the expected baselines
    • After verifying that the changes in the baselines are correct, run gulp baseline-accept
  • Enable Code Lens in VSCode. Show On All Functions is useful because compiler's code are written with a lot of functions.
  • Disable eslint auto fix, it's slow. (Anybody who knows how to speed up?)

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