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Major updates for v0.0.3

I released major updates for, they include

  • add copy, wrap, format & reset btns
  • add PWA screenshots & sharing to PWA
  • detect offline/online mode
  • faster preloading & prefetching
  • prefetch workers
  • preload monaco.min.js for faster perf
  • and more....

You can read more about on the Github repo,

GitHub logo okikio / bundle

A quick and easy way to bundle your projects, minify and see it's gzip size, all locally on your browser.


bundle - An online npm package bundle size checker | Product Hunt Open In Gitpod

A small online tool for checking the gzipped and minified size of npm packages.

I used monaco-editor for the code-editor, esbuild and rollup as bundler and treeshaker respectively, pako as a js port of the zlib and gzip libraries, pretty-bytes to convert the gzip size to human readable values, and countapi-js to keep track of the number of page visits, in a private and secure way.

This project was greatly influenced by hardfists neo-tools and mizchi's uniroll project.

bundle is a quick and easy way to bundle your projects, minify and see it's gzip size. It's an online tool similar to bundlephobia, but bundle does all the bundling locally on you browser and can treeshake and bundle multiple packages (both commonjs and esm) together, all without having to install any npm packages and with typescript support.

The project isn't perfect, and I am still working on an autocomplete…

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