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Eduardo Rabelo
Eduardo Rabelo

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Relay: A modern deep dive full course!

My friend Sibelius Seraphini just released a COMPLETE course in Relay!

It is 100% free! 🎉

🐤 You can help retweeting it:

⭐️ Add a start in the repository:

And access everything FREE FOR LIFE here:

Have fun! 😎

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Sung M. Kim

Thanks for sharing Eduardo~
⭐'ed & re-🐤ed

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Sibelius Seraphini

You can vote for more content here

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Aviv Hadar

Hi Eduardo, the link to the course is broken

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Eduardo Rabelo

Hi Aviv, you can use the Github link, all workshop content is there!

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Fernando Calvo
sibelius image

thanks so much for this course!!