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My Top 5 YouTube Channels to Improve as a Developer

I am an extremely heavy user of YouTube and I decided to pay for YouTube Premium since last month (one of the best decisions that I have ever made). There are tons of great resources and contents on YouTube for picking up a new technology, or diving in deeper to the topics. Among all of my subscribed channels, there are a few that I do really want to recommend to you as they have accommpanied me a lot through countless days and nights.

Web Dev Simplified

For whoever just got into the space of web development, this is definitely my number one recommended channel. This channel provides great and indeed "simplified" explanation towards some topics that a lot of beginners are struggled with. The playlist that I loved the most is the "CSS Tutorials". I am just amazed by how one can make learning web development so much effortlessly.

Corey Schafer

If you ask me for a great source of learning Python for FREE, I would definitely recommend this channel. This is where I learned most of my Python knowledge from. Again, another channel that makes great explanation from basics to more advanced topics for Python. Other than that, Django or Flask tutorial playlists are also available, if you planned to pick up any of them.

Coding Tech

I love listening to some tech conference talks when jogging or having a walk. Here is a great place that gathers a lot of amazing conference events (both live and webinar), around different topics, such as Web design, Javascript, Blockchains and even financial topics for developers. This is the channel that I would recommend, if you are not looking for some hardcore coding tutorials.

Kevin Powell

And we have this channel where I got to learn a bunch of amazing CSS tricks. People call him the "King of CSS" although he had made a video that claiming he is not one. In spite of him being the "King of CSS" or not, this is still my top channel to go to for picking up CSS knowledge.


Last but not least, if you are looking for a code-along project to pick up new stacks, this is the channel that you are looking for. I have personally bought their courses on Udemy, however they also produce great contents on YouTube for absolutely FREE.

Other than these 5, there are other great resources such as freeCodeCamp, Computerphile and etc., that really benefit the whole community.

Take at least one hour from your everyday, learn something new and become a better developer | engineer | programmer.

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Bob Bass

I owe my career to Max at Academind. His Udemy courses taught me React, Vue, Firebase, typescript, GraphQL, and even node + express.

I learned html and css from web dev simplified.

In 2 years I switched careers and improved my earning potential significantly

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Dylan Oh

Agreed! He is one of the instructors that explains in-depth knowledge instead of just how to do it :)

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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