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I present you HackerDigest: TLDR Version of HackerNews

Hey Devto!

I'm excited to share a side project I've been working on: an app that automatically summarizes recent popular stories from Hacker News using the power of OpenAI and Upstash Redis/Qstash.

Are you ever too lazy to read through an entire story, but still want to grasp the main points? That's where my summarizer comes in. It extracts the heart of the story without losing context, providing you with quick insights into the latest and most discussed topics on Hacker News.

Key Features:
Utilizes OpenAI for intelligent and context-aware summarization.
Scheduled updates every 6 hours to fetch the best articles.
Uses Upstash Redis/Qstash for data storage and queue.

Link to app:
Link to repo:

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