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JS game engine update, Kaboom 3000 beta released

The Kaboom game engine received an update and has reached it's third major version Kaboom 3000.

  • object scene graph / children objects
  • rotated / polygon areas
  • load .ttf, .otf, .woff fonts
  • up to 50x graphics performance
  • custom loading screen
  • post visual effects
  • tweening!!!!
  • gamepads
  • pathfinding

That's a pretty hefty and ambitious feature set for a relatively small project like this. On the one hand, it's not Unity... but on the other hand, good.

The docs are great and the Discord is active. If you're a front end or full stack JS dev by day, Kaboom is a legit way to build that dream game, or just join a #gamejam without having to learn a new language or IDE/UI.

Details, code snippets, and the online playground, on the full blog post.

Kaboom v3000 Beta Release

I dunno. 3000 seems low. It just doesn't sound that promising or featureful. Now consider, and hear me out on this, I think 3001 sounds sensationally phenomenal. I'll bet it can handle anything. That 1 makes aaall the difference.

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