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What is the Coolest Program ever?

Came to share a pretty sweet initiative from /g/ (4chan board focused on technology).

The idea was to have a site where people could share and discuss about the coolest pieces of code out there.

You can access the App by clicking here.

The site was launched last friday, so there isn't much content yet. Contributions are more than welcomed.

Voilà, show some love will u ❤️

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Thomas Junkツ

The coolest algorithm is IMHO sleepsort


function f() {
    sleep "$1"
    echo "$1"
while [ -n "$1" ]
    f "$1" &

# example usage:
# ./sleepsort.bash 5 3 6 3 6 3 1 4 7
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o2sh Author • Edited on

Yep, it's pretty nice.
It was one of my first post on

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Ben Halpern

This is really interesting!

I can definitely see some design inspiration coming from 🙂

I've had similar thoughts about things like this we could fold in here and will take a look for inspiration.

I think the core differences between this and similar sorts of things we'd create in our community would centrally be about cultural differences between our community and /g/, and the fact that this is so focused on this one thing, whereas we're more of a bizarre.

Anyway, super well done! Thanks for sharing!! I think Codl is bound to be a hit.

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o2sh Author

Yeah, I definetly took some inspiration from

I hope you don't mind... 😉

The core idea is indeed very specific, but I hope it will grow and evolve with time.

The site is just 3 days old. ⭐️

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Lamprinos Chatziioannou • Edited on

Loved the idea... In fact, I think that it is the actual implementation of the good ol' Gates' words: "In order to become a great programmer, you have to study great programms". I'll surely come back soon to check for updates 😉!! Nice work!

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o2sh Author

That's nice, thx 😊

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Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

I think the coolest piece of code will be something that runs on a quantum computer, since the qbits need to be cooled to near absolute zero degrees.

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Mikael Klages

I was gonna answer "whatever they use to test superconductors"