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Neofetch for Git repositories

o2sh profile image o2sh ・1 min read

Here is a fun little tool you might enjoy. It doesn't do much other than displaying a bunch of info about your Git Repository along side an ASCII logo of the dominant language.

Onefetch supports more than 50 different programming languages.

Written fully in Rust, it implements Kitty, Sixel and iTerm image protocol to render graphics (images) on supported terminals --> More info here

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I would love some feedback :)

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Git repository summary on your terminal

A command-line Git information tool written in Rust

cargo Build Status help wanted

Onefetch is a command-line Git information tool written in Rust that displays project information and code statistics for a local Git repository directly on your terminal. The tool is completely offline - no network access is required.

By default, the repo's information is displayed alongside the dominant language's logo, but you can further configure onefetch to instead use an image - on supported terminals -, a text input or nothing at all.

It automatically detects open source licenses from texts and provides the user with valuable information like code distribution, pending changes, number of dependencies (by package manager), top contributors (by number of commits), size on disk, creation date, LOC (lines of code), etc.

Onefetch can be configured via command-line flags to display exactly what you want, the way you want it to: you can customize ASCII/Text formatting, disable info lines, ignore…

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sgtnasty profile image
Ronaldo Nascimento

Nice work, thanks! Trying this out on a few of my projects but it never gets version:
Version: ??
I don't see anything in the wiki about how it gets some of its info.

shostarsson profile image
Rémi Lavedrine

I love it.
Definitely need to give it a try.

And if I can find some time, I'll fork it to add secrets leaked in the codebase. ;-)

hanna profile image

Neat tool

douglaslise profile image
Douglas Lise

I think that we have a typo in the title, is it named OneFetch instead of NeoFetch, right?
Anyway, it is a nice tool, thanks for sharing.