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GraphQL Meetup + win access to Advanced React course by Wes Bos!

😁 Tune in for the 21st edition of GraphQL Berlin Meetup! 🤗 Connect with the GraphQL enthusiasts worldwide, get inspired by the talks, join the Q&A session and win prizes in the quiz. 🎁 Hosted by wonderful Daniel Norman, the MC extraordinaire and Developer Advocate at Prisma. 🎤


We have two amazing speakers presenting at this event:
Benny Powers talking about GraphQL and Web Components
Eve Porcello with "Getting Acquainted with Defer and Stream".


During this meetup, we'll host a quiz, where you can win the access to Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL course by Wes Bos and Prisma swag. 🎁 You can check out the course here:


This meetup will be streamed to YouTube, and Prisma will add the subtitles later for accessibility.
Link to the stream
More info and RSVP

GraphQL Berlin Meetup

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