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Build a Web-App to Host and Attend Virtual Events with React.js, FastAPI, MongoDB and Courier API


Unify is an online platform that allows users to easily create and attend virtual events. It is open to everyone, regardless of background or experience, and provides a great way to learn from and teach others. We have integrated a courier API in order to make sure that users are quickly notified of any system updates or changes. Through Unify, users can stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and get the most out of their events. All users are notified using Courier API once they sign up for the website, register for an event, notified my event organizer if needed. and we have also added a feature where admins and other registered users can notify mass of email IDs provided in .csv format, and with an input of custom dynamic message for all users.

To build the application, we first designed the architecture and layout. We then used ReactJS to create the user interface and handle the front-end logic. Python was used to manage the back-end logic and server-side scripting, and FAST API was used to create the endpoints. MongoDB was used as the database to store data. After that, we went through an iterative process of testing and debugging until the application was ready.


Part 1: Backend

List of APIs utilized in this project:


Name Method Description
create_event/ POST Create an Event
list_events/ GET Retrieve total events organized by all the users
list_organized_events/ GET Retrieve all the events organized by the logged in user
list_subscribed_events/ GET Retrieve all the events the logged in user subscribed to


Name Method Description
create_user/ POST Create a User
login/ POST Authenticate the user
organize_event/ GET Create an event
subscribe_event/ GET Subscribe to an event


Name Method Description
share/ POST Share the message to all the recipients provided in the file

Part 2: Frontend

For the frontend we have used MUI to reuse some of the React.js components.

Part 3: Database

We have used MongoDB for our database. Our database contains two tables - Events and Users.

Following are the screenshots of the two tables.

Events Table

Events Table

Users Table

Users Table

Part 4: Courier API

We have utilized Courier API for following scenarios:

  1. When user registers with our Website.

User Registration

  1. When user create an event.

Create an Event

  1. When user subscribes for an event.

User Subscription

  1. To broadcast a message to a bunch of users.

Broadcast Message

For all the email notifications mentioned above we have created templates corresponding to each use cases and supporting dynamic data.

Following is the sample code in Python which is used to send a registration successful message. Template field contains a template id which we have created via the Courier portal. It also contains a dynamic field message which can accept customizable message.

# Install Courier SDK: pip install trycourier
from trycourier import Courier

client = Courier(auth_token="AUTH_TOKEN")

resp = client.send_message(
    "to": {
      "email": "",
    "template": "TEMPLATE_ID",
    "data": {
      "message": "Hello You have successfully Registered.",
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Few features that can enhace the user experience, that we are planning to incorporate in our project are:

  1. Utiltize courier API to build in-app notifications. [real-time notifications]
  2. Keep track of users activities and receive real-time notifications when they create a new event by having a feature that allows you to follow them.

App Screenshots

Home Page

Home Page



Create a new Event

New Event

All the Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Broadcast a message to the email ids given in the .csv file

Broadcast a message

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