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PhpStorm, But Better! - Tips & Tricks Newsletter

There is a plethora of tips and tricks about PhpStorm that are unknown out there. People tend to set it up once and leave it as it is. Which is good, however, from time to time new features, new plugins or new settings come out and people are just unaware of them, even though they can increase productivity or improve the overall workflow.

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform you about:

  • New features coming to PhpStorm
  • Useful shortcodes, plugins or other neat tricks
  • Links to resources (blogs, tweets etc.) from the great community that uses PhpStorm
  • How to make PhpStorm look better
  • Many more!!!

Anyone, that it is interested in receiving such updates from time to time is welcomed to join by going to

When will I receive the first email?

The first email (containing information about setting up PhpStorm, the importance of picking up a theme based on your surrounding and more) will be sent very soon.

Can I be part of the newsletter?

You are more than welcomed to send your posts, tweets or other information related to PhpStorm that you want to see on the newsletter. More information can be found on the website.

Can I partner up with you?

I'm opened to anyone who wants to help the newsletter grow. You can contact me on Twitter (@NikolayTsanov -

Check out an archive of the first email from the series!

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